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By 2010 Storage-Shelves has started its business in the field of industrial shelving. Our customer’s needs for a cost effective way to store and handle warehouse products and goods lead us to find reliable sources for second hand pallet shelving.Storage-Shelves offers an extensive range of second hand pallet shelves, which have already proven their worth. Modern industrial assembly lines require the timely, accurate and ergonomically correct supply of small parts. Interruptions or disturbances of the production process would lead to higher and unnecessary costs and decrease the competitiveness of the company. We offer second hand shelves in different lengths and depths and have a high load capacity. Depending on the requirements they are equipped either with shelves, gliding rails or roller tracks. Storage shelves systems are a great way to add more efficiency to your distribution. By shortening the routes and making the work less ergonomically challenging, you will lower the burden on your workforce and speed up the processes at the same time. Storage-Shelves hand-inspects every used beam, upright, decking and every other element of every used inventory that we purchase. If it doesn’t make the grade, we don’t sell it on. After inspection, 100% of our used inventory is stored indoors, at our warehouse.

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